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Our home-brewed HIGHLANDER beers A

We brew lager, märzen and stout in our own brewery.The brewing process starts in two copper brewing kettles at the end of our bar, the so-called brew house. Our beer ferments and matures in our cellar and is ready for serving after three to four weeks.The natural HIGHLANDER beers are not filtered and are therefore „Zwickl beers“. These beers are rich in vitamins, minerals and protein.

Highlander beers samples (Lager, märzen, stout)                                              per sample        5cl. €4,50
Highlander Stout the exclusive Irish classic
a very dark, dry and aromatic unfiltered beer
Highlander Märzen
a golden brown, aromatic, hoppy, bottom-fermented unfiltered beer
Highlander Lager
a light, delicate, moderately hoppy, bottom-fermented unfiltered beer



Beer mixers A
Radler citrus lemonade shandy                                                                                 

Alm-Radler herbal lemonade shandy

Saurer Radler soda water shandy

Radler soda water and lemon shandy


Non-alcoholic Radler

0,5l €4,60
Snake Bite - Cider and lager with currant syrup 0,5l €6,90


Bottled beers A
Wieselburger Stammbräu                                                                                                            0,5l €5,50
Egger Märzen
regionally, sustainably and climate neutrally brewed in the family brewery Egger in Lower Austria
0,5l €4,50
Non-alcoholic bottled beers A
Beck’s 0,5l €4,70
Gösser naturgold 0,5l €4,70


White wine O
Grüner Veltliner Vineyard Mitterhauser, Puch, Lower Austria                                                          1/8l €3,10
Gelber Muskateller Vineyard Reichardt, Donnerskirchen, Bgld 1/8l €4,80
Weisser Burgunder Vineyard Mitterhauser, Puch, Lower Austria 1/8l €4,80
Gemischter Satz Vineyard Pfeiffer, Puch, Weinviertel, Lower Austria 1/8l €4,90
Rosé Vineyard Mitterhauser, Puch, Lower Austria  1/8l €4,50


Red wein O
Zweigelt Landwein Vineyard Mitterhauser, Puch, Nö                                                                   1/8l  €3,10
Salzl Cuvée Classic Vineyard Seewinkelhof, Bgld 1/8l  €4,80 
Rioja Pago Proximo Marques de Riscal, Spain 1/8l  €4,80 


Wine spritzer O
G'spritzter Wine with sparkling water, white or red                                                                      1/4l  €3,80
Kaiserspritzer Spritzer with elderflower 1/4l  €4,30 
Peach spritzer 1/4l  €4,30 
Aperol spritzer with a lemon slice or olive 1/4l €5,80
Aperol Frizzante with a lemon slice or olive 1/4l €6,60
Campari spritzer with a Limetten slice or olive 1/4l €5,80
Campari Frizzante with a Limetten slice or olive 1/4l €6,60
with Marito/swiss herbal aperitif, a slice of lime and ice
1/4l €5,80
with Marito/swiss herbal aperitif, a slice of lime and ice
1/4l €6,60

Berliner Spritz

with peppermint liqueur, lemon and ice

1/4l €4,90

Berliner Hugo

with Frizzante, peppermint liqueur, elderflower sirup, lemon and ice

1/4l €6,30


 Frizzante O
Frizzante Kattus                                                                                                           0,1l €4,40
Frizzante Kattus with Rauch strawberry juice 0,2l  €5,30
Frizzante Kattus with orange juice Fairtrade  0,2l  €5,30
Frizzante Kattus Piccolo 0,2l €7,90
Fili Prosecco Bottle 0,2l €33,00
Lillet-Spritzer Frizzante with Lillet Blanc and cucumber slice 0,7l €5,60
Cider-Strongbow apple cider 0,3l €5,80


Non-alcoholic drinks 
Coca Cola, Cola Zero**)                                                                                              0,33l  €3,90
Coca Cola Zero **)  0,33l €3,90 
Almdudler  0,33l €3,90 
fritz-limo orange or lemon 0,25l €3,90
Tonic Schweppes 0,20l €3,90
Tonic Thomas Henry 0,20l €4,60
Bitter Lemon Schweppes 0,20l €3,90
Rauch ApricotBio, currantBio or strawberry 0,20l €3,90
Rauch fruit juices with soda water 0,50l €5,30
Apple juice, naturally cloudy 0,25l €3,60
Apple juice, naturally cloudy with soda water 0,25l €3,20
Orange juice FAIRTRADE 0,25l €3,60
Orange juice FAIRTRADE with soda water 0,25l €3,20
Iced tea lemon or peach 0,25l €2,60
Iced tea with soda water 0,25l €2,40
Vöslauer mineral water 0,35l €3,50
Vöslauer still mineral water 0,35l €3,50
Soda 0,25l €1,80
Viennese Spring water 0,25l €0,70
Soda water with lemon with freshly squeezed lemon 0,25l €2,60
Soda water with elderflower* 0,25l *€2,30
Soda water with raspberry* 0,25l *€2,30
Soda water with currant* 0,25l *€2,30
**) contains a phenylalanine source
Information about sweeteners (according to VO of the BMG dated 10.07.2014, BGBL Nr. II/175/2014)  


100% finest Arabica coffee Fairtrade & Bio 
Kleiner Schwarzer - espresso   €2,90
Kleiner BraunerG - espresso with milk    €2,90
Ristretto - extra concetrated espresso   €2,90 
MacchiatoG - Espresso with a bit of milk foam   €2,90 
Großer Schwarzer - double espresso   €4,10
Großer BraunerG - double espresso with milk   €4,10
MelangeG - americano with milk and milk foam   €3,90
CappuccinoG - small espresso with milk foam   €3,90
Verlängerter black or with milkG - Espresso with double the amount of water, with or without milk   €3,60
Caffè LatteG - Espresso with a lot of milk and milk foam   €4,50
Affogato al Caffè - small espresso with vanilla ice cream   €4,80
Tipsy Affogato al Caffè - small espresso with vanilla ice cream and Amaretto   €7,20
Hot Chocolate Bio and Fairtrade FGH   €5,50
extra rum   €1,90
MilkG 0,25l €1,70


A concept promising pure pleasure, whether looking at the art on the tea bags, feeling the specially designed – double-walled tea glasses or of course tasting the uniquely delicious tea aromas.  
Earl Grey 3-5min                                                                                                                                          €4,20
English Breakfast 3-5min   €4,20 
Green Jasmine 2-4min    €4,20 
Fruit Nature 5min    €4,20
Pure Mintpower 5min    €4,20
Blossoms of Camomile 5min    €4,20
Rooibush 5min    €4,20
Herbal Sweetness 5min    €4,20
Chai Chai 5min    €4,20
extra rum    €1,70
Hot lemon    €2,80


Pernod                                                                                                                               2cl. €4,30
Fernet-Branca 2cl. €4,30 
Averna 2cl. €4,30 
Bacardi 2cl. €4,30
Tequila Olmeca 2cl. €4,30
Grappa Cellini Riserva, Barricala-Prosecco, Italy 2cl. €4,30


Absolut Vodka, Sweden                                                                                                2cl. €4,30
Organic VODKA Bio, Premium distillery Josef V. Farthofer, Öhling  2cl. €5,10


Gordons, London, England                                                                                                2cl. €4,30
Hendricks, Scotland  2cl. €5,30
Monkey 47, Germany  2cl. €7,30


Bailey´s                                                                                                                              2cl. €4,30
Southern Comfort  2cl. €4,30
Irish Mist 2cl. €4,30


Fruit brandies 
Pear                                                                                                                              2cl.  €4,30
Hazelnut  2cl. 


Rasberry 2cl.  €4,30 
Cherry 2cl. €4,30
Apricot 2cl. €4,30
Plum 2cl. €4,30


Remy Martin VSOP                                                                                                            2cl. €6,10


Blended Scotch 
Dimple                                                                                                                            2cl. €4,70
Chivas Regal  2cl.  €4,70
Ballantine's  2cl.  €4,10
Johnnie Walker 2cl. €4,10


Single Malt´s 
Irish Bushmill´s                                                                                                                2cl. €6,10


Black Bottle 5                                                                                                     2cl.  €6,30 
Glenfiddich 2cl.  €6,30 
Glenmorangie 10 years 2cl. €6,30 
Aberlour 10 years 2cl. €6,30
Glengoyne 10 years 2cl. €6,30
BenRiach 12 years 2cl. €6,30
Springbank 10 years 2cl. €6,70
Caol Ila 12 years 2cl. €6,70
Highland Park 12 years 2cl. €6,70
Glenfarclas 12 years 2cl. €6,70


Scotch Classic´s 
Craggenmore                                                                                                     12 years 2cl.  €6,70 
Glenkinchie 10 years 2cl.  €6,70 
Dalwhinnie  15 years 2cl.  €6,70 
Lagavulin 16 years 2cl. €6,70
Talisker 10 years 2cl. €6,70
Oban 14 years 2cl. €6,70


 Wild Turkey                                                                                                                     2cl. €4,50 

In our downstairs event room, which can also be rented directly from us, whisky tastings take place regularly.
If you are interested in the tastings, please contact the organizers directly:

Highlander - Map

You can reach us with the lines U6, 5, 33, 37, 38 and 40A.
We recommend that you come by public transport, e.g. with the U6, Volksoper or Nussdorfer Straße station.